How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool

How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool


keyword planner plays a very important role in SEO. Every query in any search engine is a keyword search. e.g when we search best insurances, car dealers near me everything we type is keyword.

So if you want to know what are the keywords the people most search on search engine, then this is the post for you.

In this post, we will study one of the keyword planner tool given by the giant of search engine i.e. Google itself. The Name is Google adword keyword planner tool.


Google adword tool is best tool where we can see the keywords based upon various criteria.

In Google adword, we can see keyword with monthly searches, its CPC (Cost per click), keyword competition.

We can also see various other high traffic keywords related to searched keyword.


So, lets start this tutorial how we can search the keyword in Keyword planner tool.


How to use Keyword planner Tool 


First of all, click on the link to go keyword planner tool


Following window will open, you have to put your gmail account credentials






After putting your gmail credential click on next button. If you are sign up first time then following screen will appear.

Click on Experience with Google Ads?





Following screen will appear. Click on Create an account without a campaign.





Don’t fill any information and click on submit button below



You are done, following screen will appear to show that you are done with the steps and ready to use google adword keyword planner tool.



Click on the Tools and then Keyword Planner as shown below (green highlight)





Pop up window appear, click on Go To Keyword Planner button.




Now we are ready to use keyword planner tool. Click on Find new keywords






Type the keyword you want to search, we put gk and click enter




Now we will able to see the result of keyword we enter which is “gk”.

keyword tool




Now we will able to see various things like volume of keyword, its cpc, competition, Avg. Monthly search etc. we will also see the other keyword idea we can use.

we can also download the report by clicking Download keyword ideas button (highlighted in green)

So it was all about how to use keyword tool.


These steps you have to follow one time, next time you can directly use google keyword planner tool by using this url





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